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About Browney Place

The Browney Place building was originally built in early 1900s and was part of the local Browney Colliery. It took centre stage as a local reprieve for the community and was even noted as a distinguished place of work during wartime (WW11).

So whilst Browney Place has taken many different forms since its erection till now, it has always been part of the local community. That’s why, when opening Browney Place in late 2019, our ethos was to offer a service that would outlast us. We aren’t a fly by night, here today and gone tomorrow accommodation. We thrive based upon guests loving their stay, returning again and again PLUS recommending it to their friends, family and colleagues. 



If you're looking for a 24-hour personal concierge service to be at your beckoning call or to be personally checked in or out then we aren’t the right place for you.

We pride ourselves on giving you the flexibility to check yourself in and out at a time that best suits you.

If you are looking for a place to host loud annoying parties over the weekend and cause a disturbance to our guests…again we aren’t the right place for you.

The peace, security and tranquility of our guests are essential to us.


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You’ll find that our rates are about middle of the market. Not the cheapest but not the highest either and there are NEVER any hidden charges or surprises . Unlike the majority, we won’t trick you into thinking you’ve got a great rate, and then when getting to the payment page, be hit with up-sells like an extra £9 per day for Wifi, £5 per day for parking and extra charges for requests such as a change of linen or additional toiletries. 

The 600+ guests that have stayed with us since our opening feedback that our “prices are value for money”. 

We invested more than £75,000 in renovating Browney over a period of 6 months. We invested £10,500 into superior broadband so that the poor connectivity associated with other Durham accommodation is not experienced here. £950 was invested for EACH reinforced bed to ensure you experience a cushty and bliss sleep. A further £8,700 was invested in upgrading the heating and hot water system. £4,800 was invested in high-quality linen typically only given at 5-star hotels such as the Ritz and Savoy. 


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Before opening to the general public, we trialled our accommodation on 25 guests.  We took every feedback and implemented an improvement so that we can do our upmost to ensure guests get the stay they deserve. 

Several times we’ve had potential guests choose an alternative place, only to come back to us a day or so later REGRETTING their decision. 

If you insist on settling for a “bottom-barrel”, cheap accommodation that basically just accepts anybody through the front door and sees every guest as just a number, here’s what you can expect...

  • No privacy 

  • Strict curfews on when you can come and go.

  • No flexibility upon check in and check out. 

  • Rude staff (if any) who can't wait to see you go and see your requests as an annoyance. 

  • Intense body pain after waking up from a mattress that is on its last legs!

  • Disturbed sleep from the humming of cars and traffic.

  • Waking up to a blocked nose and cough as a reaction to the dust and dirt-mites.

  • You may even check out to find thatyour vehicle has even been broken into if not GONE!


As we are still relatively new, we pride ourselves on getting your feedback on how we can improve. So if there’s anything we can do to help you during your stay, we are all ears. 

Our Property Manager Louise is always on hand.  

Your experience counts, never feel shy to get in touch as we want to make your stay a great one.

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